What to do to prepare your awnings for a Hurricane

It’s hurricane season – be prepared.

In the event of a hurricane, your cover may be rolled back or removed. Call us for simple instructions at (713) 694-3930 or (800) 281-6193.

Fabric awnings have a design windload to withstand approximately 50-70 mph wind gusts. In the event of a hurricane, tornado, or high wind thunderstorm, an awning cover may rip, allowing the wind to pass through the awning and therefore, not pulling the awning frame from the wall.

To prevent damage to your fabric awning cover, you can remove the fabric from the awning and leave the bare frame on the wall. The frame will not sustain damage unless it is hit by a falling tree or flying debris.

Most awnings are of similar design. Generally an awning is slid into a track at the top of the framework and then “laced” onto the frame with a rope lace line or plastic ties. For the Do-it-yourselfers, take a good look at the installation and make notes as you remove the cover so you can reinstall it the same way you took it down. It is best to cut the lace cord (rope) at the bottom to save time. You can purchase an 1/8″ rope from your hardware store to reinstall your cover after the storm. After cutting the bottom lace lines, you will need to go to the top of your frame and “open” the small “C” channel track where the fabric slides in. It will be crimped closed on each end. Plyers and a screwdriver will pry it open. Once the ends are loose, pull the fabric out of the track. The longer the awning has been installed, the harder it will be to pull out. Then fold up the cover, store in a safe place, and reinstall after the storm.

To reinstall the awning, slide the rope pocket back into the “C” channel track and close each end tightly. Stretch the fabric around the framework. Run the lace cord In, down, around, and back through the grommet and then across to the next grommet and repeat. Run the lace line loosely for about 4 grommets and begin tightening the rope stretching and tightening as you go. Then continue on through the rest of the grommets. If your awning is a little bit different in design, feel free to contact us and we will help you understand how to remove or reinstall the cover. You can also take photographs and email your questions to us at main@aaaawning.net.

Older covers that are 5-7 years old may be deteriorating and may be weak at the seams and sometimes between the seams. The older the cover, the more care you need to use not to stretch it too much so you don’t tear it at or between the seams.

This may also be a good opportunity to recover your awning. Call us for a free estimate.

When a hurricane threatens, our crews are limited to how many customers they can get to to remove the awnings before the storm. If you can remove your cover yourself, you can save nearly half of the cost or more in labor and repairs.

Call us anytime with questions or comments. (713) 694-3930 or (800) 281-6193


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