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Awnings are custom designed and built to fit any needs from shade to weather protection, or for decorative purposes. There are multiple “standard” shapes but any shape or style can be designed and built. In some cases unusual shapes or frames with cut outs are required to fit an installation. Design and engineering services are available. Speak with one of our sales representatives today to see what type of awning can be designed and built for your application.

Standard Slope Style Awning

Standard Slope Awning with Truss


Convex with truss

Bullnose with truss and valance


Concave with truss

Radius Canopy with truss

Patio Canopy


Standard Slope Style Awning Open Ends

Standard Slope Awning with Truss Open Ends

Convex with Open Ends

Convex with truss Open Ends

Sign Frame

Concave Open Ends

Concave with truss Open Ends

A-Frame Canopy with truss

A-frame Canopy

Long Dome Style Awning


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